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Teen Wolf AU - Stiles is killed by the Oni instead of Allison

Nina Dobrev dishes season 6 details at Comic-Con! [x]

Hopefully the audience has a deeper understanding of the human condition and what drives people to do things that are not good. Maybe that hits home with them, and in a way, it’s almost therapeutic for them to see somebody struggling with something and making the wrong decision. 

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“No, I’m an open book.”


people saying that dramione shippers like abusive relationships


people saying that dramione shippers embrace racism


people saying that dramione shippers write fanfics like 50 shades of grey


people saying dramione and 50 shades of grey are the same


Get To Know Me | (5/5) Favourite Movies
Divergent (2014)


"People are puppets held together with string,
theres a beautiful sadness that runs through him”

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Happy 34th Birthday Harry James Potter! (July 31)


Daniel Radcliffe goes to the balcony of the hotel to greet and apologize to his fans for the cancellation of the red carpet event (for security reasons, and without their knowledge) for the movie “What If" in Mexico  x  x  x