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‘I thought that was a weakness, but I realise now those sensitivities can be a real strength. Today I celebrate my sensitivities.’


Harry Potter ± colors abound


The Harry Potter series summed up in six gifs

and there’s always room in the tum tum for my newest obsession, cronuts.

Minho pulled one of his knives from a pocket and, without missing a beat, cut a big piece of ivy off the wall. He threw it on the ground behind him and kept running.
“Bread crumbs?” Thomas asked, the old fairy tale popping into his mind. Such odd glimpses of his past had almost stopped surprising him.
“Bread crumbs,” Minho replied. “I’m Hansel, you’re Gretel.”
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Did I know, in my heart of hearts, what Gellert Grindelwald was? I think I did, but I closed my eyes. If the plans we were making came to fruition, all my dreams would come true.


Katniss Everdeen + Rainbow

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hunger games au: last year was child’s play

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